My Experience At McBusted MEAT

Combine two of my childhood’s most iconic bands, standing tickets at a gig plus free reign of the merch stand and what do you get? One very excited, but slightly emotional Issy.

The rather lazily named McBusted are the combination of two of the noughties most successful pop bands – McFly and Busted. Since their individual formations over a decade ago, they’ve constantly had a friendly rivalry to claim chart success. Now, however, the two have come together to create this exciting, if not slightly raucous supergroup, touring their second album as a six-piece band - still without Busted’s Charlie Simpson, who left the band in 2005. #heartbreaking

The Bournemouth International Centre played host to the show as part of the Most Excellent Adventure Tour, later abbreviated to MEAT for simplicity. Third row in the standing crowd provided an almost perfect view of the stage, only being trumped by the suitably named OMFG zone which gave fans an even more intimate, barrier-less experience. The two support acts: New City Kings and Symmetry both gave high-octane performances which warmed the crowd, getting everyone jumping and hyped for the main event.

The McBusted set opened with Air Guitar and Hate Your Guts, the first two tracks from their debut album. From the very first word, the crowd were singing along loyally with their arms in the air, totally immersed in the energy of the performance. It's impossible to say that the boys don't give it their all when performing. Throughout the whole evening, all six members kept the energy level as it was when they first came on at the start of the one-hour-forty-minute show.
 The setlist comprised of a smattering of Busted and McFly hits, but also included tracks from the supergroup's self-titled 2014 release.

Every time they came out onto the walkway surrounding the OMFG zone, the main standing crowd would scream, sing and cry to get the band's attention; just like any normal crowd full of girls would. Fans wanted to get closer to the stage, crushing those at the front against the barriers and occasionally having to watch security pull fans over the barrier for safety reasons. Despite the issues that were going on in the front few rows, the band spent the majority of the time out on the runway stage, working the crowd and getting them involved by having a kiss cam during All About You.

Their raucous antics continued throughout the evening, with James, rather fittingly, riding a bike around the stage during their performance of Riding on My Bike. After they played What Happened To Your Band, they came back out on stage dressed in tuxes and dresses, parading around the stage with Mendelssohn's Wedding March loud over the speakers. No prizes for guessing that Crashed The Wedding was the next song in the set.

Songs like Obviously and Beautiful Girls Are The Loneliest saw fans take a break from the madness and raise their phone torches in the air. It wouldn't be a gig without at least one slow song, right? People sang along just as they had before but overall there was far less screaming and shouting. It gave a nice interlude between the madness of the fast tempo, high energy tracks before they launched back in to end the show with all of those noughties McFly classics: All About You, Stargirl, 5 Colours In Her Hair and of course, who could forget Year 3000?

I think it's safe to say that there wasn't a single person who left the gig unsatisfied. McBusted certainly know how to put on a show, and that's no surprise considering how much experience they have under their belts Regardless of what happens with these two bands over the coming months and years, it's guaranteed that nobody will be forgetting it in a hurry. Busted and McFly have had amazing careers, and as a fan of both, I really hope that they either continue as this weird, hybrid supergroup or continue on their separate paths.