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Ah Primark! Love it or hate it, you cannot deny that there are some serious bargains to be found. Even if you do have to weave your way around people's pushchairs, pass the hideous emoji t-shirts and queue for what feels like forever, it won't ever deter you from shopping there and spending far more money than you need to. Here's 73 thoughts you have when visiting Primark:

1. I won't need a basket.. wait actually maybe I will

2. Why the hell is it so busy?

3. Move your pushchair out of the main aisle please. Thank you

4. Oh, yeah I've just caught my bag on one of the racks and have pulled five emoji t-shirts onto the floor

5. If I move quickly nobody will notice.. hopefully

6. Who would want a luminous green vest?!

7. Oh my god that lace shirt is calling my name

8. I can't run in Primark, that makes me look stupid. I'll do the hurried run/walk

9. Why is it never in my size?

10. Oh yes it is, the hanger just has the wrong size written on it

11. What a steal at £8

12. Damn it I've lost my friend already and I've only been in here ten minutes

13. I still can't see her

14. I'll just call her.. Oh wait.. I forgot that Primark have the inability to have phone signal in their stores

15. I'll find her later

16. That t-shirt looks nice. I'll pick it up in grey, black, white, and dark blue

17. Crap I've just seen someone I know and I'm walking around by myself- how embarrasing

18. I can tell that they're judging me

19. These trousers look nice, but I need to pick them up in every size from a 10 to a 18 because who even knows their exact size in Primark

20. God I have to face the changing rooms..

21. Why is it so hot in here?

22. Do I need to try this all on? That queue for the changing room is massive

23. Why did I think I needed to try these on

24. Okay so everything fits, there was no need to queue for the changing room for twenty minutes

25. Lingerie shopping time

26. Ooo that's a pretty bra

27. For goodness sake it's not in my size

28. But this one is

29. Why would you want bottom enhancers?!

30. Or a bright orange lace thong..

31. On the other hand this multipack is cheaper than buying four of the individuals

32. Might not be as nice but I'm playing Primark at their own cost reducing game

33. You do not need more makeup, just walk past the P.S Love stands...

34. How did a highlighter, mascara, three lipsticks, a lipliner and concealer all end up in my basket..?

35. I suppose I could do with some false nails

36. Only £1?! I'll get five then

37. I didn't know I wanted a Disney pyjama set until now

38. I should get some shorts too

39. I could do with a new set of rings

40. I think I've entered the jewellery trance stage.. All I can see is rings

41. Which pack of rings do I want?

42. Wait I can have both. I forgot I'm not in Topshop where a pack of four rings is £10. After all, they're only £4 for six rings here. Bargain!

43. I need more socks.

44. Definitely didn't need that Bambi pair that have miraculously found their way into my basket


46. Four pairs of sandals should be enough right?

47. These boots are in the sale for £8 I need them

48. Oh wait I forgot that Primark don't do many womens shoes in a size 9. Sorry boots, enjoy being on someone else's smaller feet

49. A little look around the homewear section wouldn't do any harm would it?

50. How did three different candles end up in my basket?

51. This duvet cover is coming home with me. Oh and the matching pillow case

52. My basket is getting a bit heavy..

53. Good job I picked one up when I came in though

54. Crap, I've got to carry this in those paper bags back to the train station.. I really hope it isn't raining

55. Yeah it's raining

56. Maybe I should just go and pay

57. Wait I haven't checked in the bargain bin yet

58. Great, that's another four shirts in my basket for me to carry home in the paper bag

59. Not another long queue

60. Please don't give me the male cashier, I don't want him to see my new lingerie

61. I knew this would happen. Don't make eye contact when he's scanning your underwear

62. Crap, I made eye contact

63. You don't need to tell me that I cannot return my underwear, I've bought it from here for long enough to know that that's your policy

64. I am not going to be able to carry two large paper bags back to the train station in this rain

65. How did I spend £64.50 in here...

66. *Looks back at the bags* Ah, that's how

67. Well atleast I can nearly get out of this heated box with no phone signal

68. I still haven't found my friend..

69. I'm sure I'll find her outside

70. Thank god I found her! But she hasn't even paid yet

71. I'll meet her in Burger King. I've seen too much Primark for one day.

72. I can't believe I got five packs of false nails for a fiver

73. I cannot face Primark again for atleast another month...

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