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It feels very weird writing a blog post again seeing as I wrote and queued all of my posts before I went away on holiday. I'm trying to get back into the swing of things, and whilst I compile my posts about my holiday in Brittany (which I hope to have up within the next two weeks) I thought that I'd write a little guide to Bournemouth which I think is one of the nicest places in the UK and is fortunately right on my doorstep. So back to Bouremouth! If you're not familiar with the area it's very chilled and beachy- the perfect destination if you're looking for a beach getaway in the UK. I would highly suggest Bournemouth, particularly in the highpoint of the summer season, Bournemouth's beaches are packed so bare that in mind, but there are many other things to do other than lounging on the beach.

Bournemouth's town centre is where the majority of the anchor chain stores are. There are shops such as Lush, Topshop, House of Fraser, New Look and of course, the place which inspired my "73 Thoughts You Have When Shopping In.." post- Primark. Although the shops are fairly spread out, there are many places to take a break and grab a snack.

There's also The Arcade which has more shops inside and is sheltered from the rain so is the place to wait if it starts raining whilst you're out in the town centre. Next to the arcade is also a Space NK which is a bit dangerous if you go in their with the plan of just looking.
The Arcade
There are some great places to eat in Bournemouth which are firm favourites of mine when visiting the town. The first is Days Restaurant which in fact doesn't really feel like a restaurant at all. It is a Chinese restaurant but with a twist and trust me, it's a good twist. For lunches when I tend to go, you pay £7.99 and from that moment, it's effectively an all you can eat buffet. If Chinese isn't really your thing (It isn't really mine) then they also serve things like wedges, sushi and different meats. For £7.99, how can you go wrong with an all you can eat buffet? You can't!

The second is Aruba which is a restaurant right on the beach front, less than five minutes away from the BIC. They have a wide menu if it's food your after, from full breakfasts to fish and chips for lunch- whatever you want they probably serve it. By day it's just a restaurant/bar but throughout the summer in particular, as the nights grow longer, it's the place to go and start your evening drinks before heading off into town. Even in April there are people out on the terraces with cocktails mid afternoon. The view over the beach from the restaurant's terrace could quite easily be mistaken for a Californian beach house during the summer when the beach is packed and the sun's shining. 

Aruba's Menu
Bournemouth is the hub for any big events that go on along the south coast. There is a lot to do, you just have to know where to go and the right time to do it because otherwise you can visit and miss out on some of Bournemouth's best attractions and places to play. The most obvious one is the beach which attracts thousands during the summer months. Top tip if you're planning a beach day- get there early, like really early. I've gone before at around ten am and the beach is already full of people who have taken the prime spots. It is a great place to spend the day, with Aruba at the top end of the beach as well as a bunch of caf├ęs in the pleasure gardens. 

The pier is a little place to take a walk whilst overlooking the beach and the bay. For people who have some guts there's also the zip-wire which starts from a tower at the end of the pier and travels over the water back to the beach- that is something I would never have the guts to do. The pier makes a great Instagram picture when the sun is setting over the beach during the evening so if you want your Instagramable Bournemouth picture, that is the location to get it. 

The BIC is the place to go if you want to see your favourite artist perform. It's pretty much the only place within a thirty mile radius to see a big artist perform. The BIC is a great venue to see some live music from bigger artists and I've seen McBusted, Little Mix and a bunch of other artists there. Because it isn't a huge arena like the O2, it means that the competition for good seats is well and truly on, which can cause some serious stress! The BIC also host other events like the the ice rink which is in one of the halls around the Christmas period.

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