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Earlier in the week I received a package from FLO Accessories who were kind enough to send me some of their products to try out. I received the Refillable Fragrance Atomizer, Celebrity LED Compact Mirror and also a piece of their Perfume Jewellery. Over the past couple of days I have been trialling out these three products and thought I'd share my opinions on them.

I'll start with the LED Compact Mirror, which is great if you're out on the go and want to touch up your makeup, because it is the perfect size to have in your bag. I wish I'd had this on my way back from France because when I wanted to do my makeup on the ferry, I had to use my phone which wasn't exactly the easiest way of doing it. This mirror would also be great if you're out at a party and it's pretty dark, as the six LED lights on the mirror mean that you can see your face, even in the dark. It has a magnetic base which prevents it from sliding about if you're travelling on a bus or a train which is a great feature!

The Refillable Fragrance Atomizer is something that I have needed for ages! There's nothing worse than going out and carrying around a whole bottle of perfume, and then finding that you've lost the lid and it has spritzed everywhere inside your bag. Am I right? But this atomizer is great as it means you can pump your favourite perfume into it and take it with you, without having to take the full sized version. Both the mirror and the atomizer are great products to take out on the go because they are the perfect travel size! At the bottom of the atomizer, it untwists and allows you to easily pump the perfume straight from the bottle unlike others I have seen.

The final product I received, and the one which intrigued me most was the Perfume Jewellery Necklace. At first, I thought it was just a basic necklace, however once I read the packaging I saw that it was actually a necklace which can hold your perfume. On the back of the box it says 'Merging the magic of perfume and jewellery with SRC perfume technology". Inside the locket is a pad which you spray your perfume onto. You then put it inside the locket and it claims to hold the scent of your perfume for up to six days. When you want to change the scent of your locket, you spray the new scent onto the pad and put it inside. It's as simple as that! This necklace is designed for people who have sensitive skin when using perfumes. Because the scent is on the pad inside the locket it means that the perfume isn't touching your skin directly so if you have sensitive skin, give this a try!



  1. That necklace is so pretty! I think I NEED it. =D

  2. That LED mirror is such a fancy item! Loved all of them especially the necklace. Nice post :)

    1. I have been loving the necklace! Definitely recommend getting it if you're looking for a present or something!