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Every girl has experienced a thought process similar to this when going into either Boots or Superdrug. You go into town to just stock up on shampoo or toothpaste, but end up coming back with a new foundation, concealer and eye-shadow palette instead. If you haven't done this then you're either really well restrained, or you're lying.
  1. Okay, all I need is some shampoo, conditioner and toothpaste
  2. Ooo look, £2 off on all Aussie shampoos- yes please!
  3. I could do with some oil for my hair, my ends are looking horrible
  4. Do I want Argan Oil or Moroccan Oil
  5. Argan Oil's cheaper, I guess you win and get to come home with me
  6. I could do with a new moisturiser..
  7. Oh well, now I'm stocked up for the next three months
  8. Might as well take a look at the makeup
  9. Wait?! 3 for 2 across all cosmetics. This is my day!
  10. What colour is close enough to that MAC lipstick I want..
  11. Oh well, I'll get both seeing as it's 3 for 2
  12. Obviously need the matching lip liner
  13. Do I need another mascara?
  14. No, but it has a cool wand so into my basket it goes
  15. Okay I actually need a new eyebrow pencil
  16. This colour looks good enough
  17. *Swatches every lipstick from the Rimmel stand*
  18. Oh god, I bet the No7 lady is watching me swatch all these lispticks...
  19. I'm kinda thankful she gave me that makeup wipe.. I was gonna have to start swatching up my arm
  20. Why doesn't my local Boots have a NYX counter?!
  21. I'm gonna have so many points on my Boots card by the end of the hour.. #winning
  22. I suppose a little look at the perfume section won't do me any harm
  23. *Sprays all perfumes*
  24. Big mistake
  25. I really should get going before they realise it was me that made this side of Boots stink of seven different perfumes
  26. And before I spend my month's wages in one go
  27. All of these minis at the till are really tempting..
  28. Do I really need a 5p bag?
  29. No, I'll just shove it all into my handbag
  30. I should have paid 5p for that bag
  31. Oops, I may or may not have just spent £70..
  32. But think of all those boots points that are being added to my card
  33. That was a successful trip
  34. Oh my god I forgot the toothpaste
  35. But I have no regrets, that mascara wand looked so cool

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  1. Yes yes yes and yes. 3 for 2 is my downfall, I'm like "well I might as well get 9 or 12 things really, while the offer's on". x

    Megan | http://www.meganjean.co.uk