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For months now I have filled in my eyebrows using powders, having never liked the feeling of an eyebrow pencil. I think I may have also had a fear of overdoing it with the pencil and looking like I have the most ridiculously drawn on set of eyebrows in the UK.. I might have exaggerated a little there but either way, I didn't want to run the risk. Having heard so many good things about this product from Soap and Glory, I thought it was finally time to get it and give it a try and so far, am very glad that I did.

I originally wanted to get the Archery Brow Pencil but when I saw this, it was the pen end which intrigued me. I have mine in 'Brownie Points' which is designed to be used by brunettes and I have found that it is the ideal colour for me. My favourite end of the product, and the one which I prefer is the brow tint pen, however I have found a fault with it. I've only had it for just over a week and sadly, I am finding that it is already starting to dry out. When I first used it, I was really impressed and thought that I had found something which I would be repurchasing for months to come. Seeing as the pen had already run out, the emphasis was now on the pencil end to see if it could hold up against others.

I read somewhere that the pencil can break easily and has the tendency to crumble, however I haven't found that so far. I have enjoyed using the pencil instead of a powder, however I'm sure I could find a cheaper alternative from another brand if I choose to use pencils again. Having said this, I would probably re-purchase this product in the future. I would one-hundred percent re-purchase it if the pen didn't run out so quickly, so please take note Soap and Glory..

The packaging is sleek and sticks with the Soap and Glory branding which I really do like and always have done. As for the product itself, I would give it a ten out of ten if it weren't for the pen drying out within the first week. It's a shame really because it would be such a great product, and one that would become a staple in my make-up bag. The pencil is good though and holds in place throughout the day, however I'm not sure it really is worth the £10 price tag considering all that it really is, is an eyebrow pencil.

Do you have any holy grail eyebrow products that you love to use?
Is x

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