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Once again I have been exceedingly late to jump on the bandwagon with yet another beauty dupe. For months, I have read that the Lash Sensational Mascara by Maybelline is a perfect dupe for Benefit's Roller lash and well, at well over half of the price, that is not something to ignore. 

If we look at these mascaras separately, Roller Lash is described and marketed to be a 'super curling and lifting mascara', with a formula which will hold a curl for up to twelve hours. Meanwhile the Lash Sensational claims to 'volumise the look of lashes for a layered, multiplied lash look'. The price difference between these products is one of the reasons that I have finally bought the Lash Sensational. Having sang the praises of Roller Lash since it was released back in January, I will admit that I was skeptical about the Lash Sensational living up to it's reputation.

Roller Lash, although priced at £19.50, is one of my all time favourite mascaras. It definitely does what it says on the tin: curling and lifting lashes. Until recently, I have worn it every day without fail. Although it's only water resistant,
not waterproof, it somehow manages to withstand a good British downpour which it has had to face on a number of different occasions. When I use Roller Lash, my eyelashes look not only well defined and beautifully curled, but also fluttery- almost with a false lash effect. 
Lash Sensational however is priced at only £7.99 which is obviously a fraction of the price of Roller Lash. Personally, I think this mascara clumps my lashes together a little bit, but if I'm careful with my application it can be avoided. I have the waterproof version and I can safely say that, yes, it is waterproof. I cannot seem to get this mascara off without using several cotton pads of Micellar water,which is both a good thing and a bad thing. I have found that after a couple of hours it can start to flake a little, but it's not a massive problem and can be easily resolved with a quick swipe from under the eyes.

Overall, I have to stick by the Roller Lash and say that it is still my favourite. I can understand why people say that the Lash Sensational is a dupe for it- they are very similar. However, as part of personal preference, I prefer the look of more fluttery lashes which Roller Lash gives. I will continue to use the Lash Sensational though because it is the only waterproof mascara that I own. I think by combining products and using a different wand (possibly the Roller Lash one), I might be able to achieve my idea of perfect lashes.


  1. I've been obsessed with lash sensational ever since I tried it! will have to give in and try the roller lash too as so many people rave about it.

    Have a lovely weekend,
    Saida xx

  2. Love these comparison type posts - may give the Maybelline one a try as I've been missing a waterproof mascara