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Contouring is one of those things that you think you can get away with on a day to day basis, but if you try it once with a great product, you'll be hooked!  When it comes into autumn and winter, I tend to wear heavier coverage bases to give a flawless finish and my current favourite is MAC's Studio Fix.  With heavier coverage though, I run the risk of my complexion appearing flat, so it's important to sculpt everything - cheekbones, temples, jawline, the whole shebang.  I found this little gem, the Define and Conquer Contour Kit from Seventeen and I kid you not, I've been using it almost every day to give my face a bit of shape.

Apart from the blinding similarity to NARS' packaging, the most obvious thing about this product is that it's a matte powder. Contouring products need to have a matte finish because the aim of the product is to create a false shadow. Anything with a glitter or sheen will catch the light and won't create the recessed appearance that is desired by a contouring product. What I love about this product is that the highlighting powder is matte, but still has a certain radiant quality which gives life to the skin. It doesn't give the same highlighted effect as something like the MAC Mineralised Skin Finishes, but it does make a great base powder to apply beneath another highlighter, or as a setting powder under the eyes.

At only £5.99, this product is an absolute steal, and at a price where you cannot go wrong. I have fair skin, and finding a contour that is the right colour for me is a task, but there's something about this one which looks incredibly natural against my skin tone. You can get this product at Boots and Boots Online.


  1. I've recently picked up the seventeen contour palette and I've been loving it aswell!
    Love your blog by the way 😊❤️