With Autumn now well and truly under way it seemed fitting to write a post summarising some of the pieces that you need to add to your winter wardrobe. I personally love looking at people's style during the autumn and winter and taking inspiration from it which is partially the premise behind this post. I much prefer winter style to summer style, purely because I can get away with wearing all black, big jumpers and so many different layers. These are just a couple of staple pieces which can be worn time after time, year after year without going out of style.
The Black Ankle Boot
It seems as if wherever you look at the moment you will see someone wearing an ankle boot. Whether they're grey, brown or black these shoes are currently everywhere and I will admit to owning a few pairs. The great thing about these boots is that they can be worn with absolutely anything. Finding a pair of heeled boots like these is a task but I've had my pair from New Look for two years and they're still going strong and still comfortable. Ankle boots are such a versatile piece but I think having them in black just guarantees that they will go with whatever you're wearing.

Leather Jacket
The leather jacket has been a staple piece in many people's wardrobes for years and mine is no exception. I would say that if you're going to invest in a piece of clothing, a leather jacket is the best way to do so. A real, good quality leather jacket can last you years and is a great investment piece that will never be off trend. Having said that, you can get some great bargains from places like Boohoo, ASOS, Zara etc. I got mine from Primark for £14 and wear it everyday without fail. There are so many different styles so don't give up if one particular style doesn't suit you! I'm now looking to get one similar to the two on the left to add to my collection because I love jackets like this so much.

Roll Necks
Similarly to the ankle boot it seems as if around every corner, there is a girl wearing a roll neck top. Not only do these double up as a scarf and a top, but they also look super elegant and sophisticated. I wish these suited me because I would probably be straight on the bandwagon and have half of my wardrobe filled with these beauties. Sadly however I don't think they suit me. If you do suit these, stock up because they're such a simple piece that as I said, looks so sophisticated and is so easy to style.

Chunky Knit
The most obvious and underrated trend that makes it's appearance year after year. There are so many ways to wear chunky knit. If you want, you can go all out with a woollen dress similar to the one in the centre of the image above. If you don't want to wear a whole woollen piece then a simple scarf is another way to go. Either way, this trend is so basic and timeless so why would you not follow it and have at least one chunky knit piece in your wardrobe? The only problem with these is that sometimes they can be hand-washable only, which I discovered with my favourite jumper earlier this week.

*Disclaimer: All photos are from ASOS

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