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I won't lie to you, December is one of my favourite months of the year. Please tell me, I am not the only person who is so excited about Christmas already and may or may not be about to probably spend £20 on fairy lights, so I can install a temporary Santa's Grotto in my bedroom. So now that December is officially here, let's talk about the best things to do this month. Whether you need to get into some Christmas spirit or you are like a cloned Buddy the Elf, there are some things that makes December, December.

  • Decorate the house: Christmas tree, put on all the baubles, hang up all the fairy lights and maybe even buy a pen that writes on your window like snow and then washes off. Maybe? Too far? 
  • Buy a dodgy and garish Christmas jumper ready for Christmas day. 
  • Visit a Christmas Market - I've already been to a couple this year and they definitely help you get into the festive spirit!
  • Buy all the Christmas food- you know the stuff you don't buy at any other time of the year. Baked Camembert, crackers, nuts, crisps, chocolates, pigs in blankets, stuffing, after eights and well everything else. 
  • Buy a tub of Quality Street/Roses/Celebrations and make sure you pick out all your favourites before the rest of the family get in there are take yours.
  • Watch your favourite Christmas films; for me that's ELF, Love Actually and Home Alone.
  • Visit a department store and pretend you're one of the kids from 'The Best Store In The World.' 
  • Listen to a Christmas playlist on Spotfy- what's your favourite Christmas song? Mine would have to be anything from the Michael Buble christmas album.
  • Do some Christmas Baking- this year I want to bake Christmas cookies, or if you're a bit better and skilled you could do a gingerbread house or something. 
  • Have snuggly duvet days, cause if you can't do that in December then when can you? 
  • Go Christmas shopping but take a list so you don't get stressed!
  • Buy at least one Christmas scented candle. 
  • Make time for your loved ones


  1. Good tips! I will keep this list of ideas for when I'm need a reminder for the reason for the season lol.

  2. Great list, I did almost all of these suggestions this December and it was wonderful :) hope you enjoyed your Christmas!

    xo - Michelle