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Death Of Panic At The Disco, Or Just A Bachelor?

Over a decade on since Panic! At The Disco stepped onto the scene, and with only one member left, Brendon Urie has released the band's fifth studio album 'Death of A Bachelor'. Released on the 15th January, this album has been part of my playlist for nearly a week now, and I thought I'd throw my two pennies in. 

Described as a mix between Sinatra and Queen, this album could have gone two ways. However, this combination of two iconic artists has created an album channelling two very different genres. This is very much an album of two halves, and those two halves could easily pass as different albums. There are tracks which channel Panic!'s early days, with songs like 'Don't Threaten Me With A Good Time' and 'The Good, The Bad And The Dirty' harking back to their Pop-Punk days. But then on the flip side are the catchy opening chants from 'Victorious', and the Radio 2 friendly ballad, 'Impossible Year'. 

The first single from the album, Victorious, was released in September of last year and has since been receiving some serious airtime on radio stations across the country. 
Less than fifteen seconds in, Urie is already belting out a note, going straight back to where they left off with their last album, 'Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die!', which was released in 2013.

Starting out cheery, 'Emperor's New Clothes' slowly descends towards hell as the lyrics grow darker, beats get dirtier, chants loop menacingly and vocals are stretched to the max, giving us a look into the darkest area of Urie's brain. But then we're launched into the Sinatra-esque, and album titled, 'Death Of A Bachelor'. With simple clicks and the underlying melody of the saxophone, this track along with 'Impossible Years' channels Sinatra's signature crooning tone.

Although Panic! At The Disco have been one of those bands I have heard of, and listened to growing up, it wasn't until this album was released that I really began to take notice. There's something about this album, perhaps the Sinatra inspired sound, that has struck the right chord with me, and has caused me to have this album integrated into my Spotify playlist all week. Even if PATD's older music wasn't to your taste, give this album a listen because Urie has really grasped this new-found freedom to take his music to areas previously unexplored.


  1. Great review. We just purchased tickets for their summer tour. Now I have your thoughts in mind for their concert.

  2. I've loved Panic for years. Something about that scene/goth phase in high school made them one of my favorite bands still to this day. This album is absolutely my favorite I listen to it on repeat. I seriously have a crush on Brendon Urie. I will be going to their concert here in AZ in August! Love your thoughts on this new album compared to their old ones.

  3. Great review! I can't believe they've been around ten years. Now I feel old.

  4. Great review! And a great album choice. It's really good and Panic are amazing.

  5. I use to be a really big fan. I didn't even know they were still making music. I must catch up!