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I have used the Soap & Glory Archery Brow Tint and Precision Shaping Pencil for well over a year, and the time recently came to buy a new one. After trawling through the Soap & Glory stand to look for another one in my shade, I had come to the sad realisation that they didn't have it in my shade, and that I'd have to buy a different product. Instead of going back to one of the Rimmel pencils I used years ago, I thought I'd try out another of the Soap & Glory products from the Archery range. So, how does the Brow Filling Pencil compare against my trusty and well loved, Brow Tint and Precision Shaping Pencil? 

As the photo above shows, the Brow Tint & Precision Shaping Pencil (pink writing) is much thicker than the Filling Pencil (gold writing.) This has both positives and negatives, but the Filling Pencil gives much more definition, despite the name of the Precision Shaping Pencil which is actually more like a waxy crayon. It's also two pounds cheaper than my trusty favourite and although it's only two pounds, for a cash-strapped student like myself, those two pounds can make quite a bit of difference! Something I didn't realise when buying the Brow Filling Pencil is that it only comes in two shades: Blondeshell and Hot Chocolate. Since the Tint and Precision Shaping Pencil came in three shades (all of which are named differently to the Filling Pencil), it now comes to no surprise that I couldn't find the shade I wanted. That's one thing that has slightly disappointed me. The two shades are completely different and there is no in between; it's either for blondes or darker brunettes. As someone who sits in the middle with blonde-ish/light brown hair, my natural eyebrows are too dark for the blonde pencil but too light for the darker pencil. 

The Tint vs The Spoolie
Having said this, when using the Brow Tint and Precision Shaping Pencil I found that my eyebrows sometimes had a bit of a warm tint to them. This meant that they didn't look as natural as I would have liked, but I'm still unsure as to whether that was at fault of the product itself, or a combination of the foundation and eyebrow product. As I previously mentioned in my review of the Brow Tint and Precision Shaping Pencil which you can read here, my favourite part of that product was the tinted pen end, as the shade seemed to differ slightly and be more ashy-toned. Sadly, that dried out fairly quickly, and if I try to use it now, it's a bit like working with a pen that's rapidly running out of ink. 

The Brow Filling Pencil doesn't have this tint, but instead has a spoolie brush which I have found to come in very handy. Although I already have several lying around in the bottom of my make-up bag, having the spoolie on the end of the pencil makes it so much easier to blend out if I go a little overboard. Because the colour is slightly darker than I would like, I have found that I really have to be careful with my application particularly at the start of my brow; if I'm not careful, I actually look a little scary. Coming in at eight pounds, this isn't the cheapest of brow products on the market. However, I have tried various other products from other brands and none of them have worked as well as these Soap & Glory products. Since brows (if done correctly) can completely transform your face, I feel as if it's okay to spend a little more to make sure that they look as natural and perfect as possible. 

Although the Brow Tint and Precision Shaping Pencil has been my trusted holy grail product and a consistent part of my make-up routine for the last year, I have to admit that the Brow Filling Pencil has recently taken it's place. The Brow Filling Pencil is actually much easier to use. Maybe because it's smaller than the Precision Shaping Pencil, or that the pencil is actually more like a pencil than a crayon.. I don't know, but since buying the product it has (prepare for a big statement here..) revolutionised the way that I do my brows. Despite the colour being slightly too dark, with a light hand and careful application, the effect it has on my brows is incredible, and at two pounds cheaper than my trusty Brow Tint and Precision Shaping Pencil, I really cannot complain!

What is one of your holy grail eyebrow product?
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  1. Always on the look out for eye filling pencil that works. Will be checking this out.

  2. Would love to see how it looks once applied...great info!

  3. I have heard so many good things about the Precision Shaping Pencil... Thank you for the review! I will definitely consider trying out one of them in future.
    Ninz/ www.ninzbeauty.com

  4. I would definitely be interested in seeing the final look. I'm a big eyebrows girl, so I like to make sure mine are always done.

  5. Would love to try Soap and Glory makeup... in Canada I can only ever find the bath products!

  6. I was always weary swapping over to this pencil because of the colour differences, but I only ever use the pencil side of the Brow Tint and Precision Shaping Pencil, so maybe it's worth it! I do enjoy the ashiness of the Brow Tint and Precision Shaping Pencil though - it gives a more natural look, and I have the tendency to go too strong on the brows. I suppose there is no harm in trying the Brow Filling Pencil though!

    Nicole Lauren Blake

  7. I have my brows tinted when they threaded, so I always go with a pencil.