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Once again I am teaming up with Cocomelody to show you some of their beautiful gowns and dresses for the upcoming seasons.  They have a large collection of designer wedding dresses and also ones for those with a slightly lower budget- in my opinion however, both the ranges are equally as stunning. As well as wedding dresses, they also stock some slightly more expensive dresses and some cheap bridesmaid dresses too. So if you're looking for a one stop shop for your big day, then Cocomelody might be able to help you out. I've picked out some of my favourite pieces from their website like I did from our last collaboration which you can read here.
Those picks are in the photo above.

I have quite a particular taste in dresses, or what I would like if it was me choosing a gown to wear. I like things which are classic and timeless- things without lots of jewels and sparkles. Cocomelody have such a variety of different gowns and there is bound to be one which will take your fancy. Dresses of all different shapes, colours, sizes, styles are stocked and can be tailored to your specific measurements, so if you're based in the LA area then it might be worth popping in to have your measurements taken.  

They currently have two sale campaigns running which will both end on the 31st May, so take advantage of it whilst you still can. The first is a set of two discounts, earning you up to fifteen percent off your order of bridesmaids dresses depending on how many you purchase. The second is free shipping on orders over $300 by using the code 'W4' at the checkout.

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