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There have been a couple of products which I've loved throughout May, both a mixture of drugstore and high end. I haven't done a new makeup shop in a while, purely because exams took priority throughout the first half of the month, so all of my products I have had for a while and know work well for me. Having said this, I now have the urge to go and splurge on some new products as a 'well done for surviving the exam season' gift to myself, even if said exams didn't go very well.

This month I have been loving to use this lipstick, mostly because it is the only matte lipstick I own and has the best longevity from my whole collection. It may have been the most hyped up lipstick colour of last year, but I was quite late on the band wagon so managed to snap it up from the Debenhams counter without any problems. The colour always looks slightly different on people with different skin tones to me, but I find that it looks like a brownish/red colour. I absolutely love the colour, and the longevity has made it one of my all time favourite lipsticks, despite the cost of £15.50.

Eye shadow has always been something I've struggled with, but this product makes the whole process ten times easier. I've worn it as a base with powder shadows layered on top, and also on its own as a wash of colour across the whole lid. It's such a quick and easy product to use and gives a beautiful shimmery bronze colour to your eye lid. It also lasts pretty well, especially when powder shadows are added over the top of it, however it can sometimes fade and transfer to the skin above your eyelid if it is used without anything else added on top. I'm sure this could be prevented by using an eye shadow primer, but on mornings when I had exams, I couldn't really be bothered to root around in my drawer for a primer.

I've already written a review on the Brow Filling Pencil, where I compared it to another of the Archery products, so I'll keep this mention short and sweet. If you like, you can go over and read that here. I've used Soap and Glory products on my brows for probably atleast a year now, but this one has been the best product I have used so far. The pencil is incredibly thin, allowing you to have much more precision with the shaping of your brow, and meaning that you can replicate the look of hairs in more sparse parts of your brow. The spoolie on the end makes this a one-step product, and is much easier than using something like the Anastasia DipBrow Pomade.

Never have I known applying foundation to be so easy until I started using the sponges, and I'm completely serious about that statement. The first time I used this sponge, I ran it under water, spritzed it with MAC Fix + and used the Infallible 24 Hour Matte Foundation and as a combination, I have never seen my skin look so great after foundation. I've slowly been swapping out products to see which one is actually making my skin look so great and I think it is this sponge. After using the sponge to apply my foundation my skin actually looks like skin. I don't get the odd hair from the brush stuck to my face, or the brush marks that are left behind when you're applying your makeup in a rush. Using a sponge is now my number one technique when applying foundation.

As many of my friends will know, I am no follower of fashion. I have a set of clothes which I wear religiously, purely because I actually can't afford to buy more. If I find something that looks nice, isn't going to break the bank, and fits well, then you best believe that I won't stop wearing it until it has a gaping hole in the side of it. Anyway, there have been some things that I have worn quite a bit throughout May and have been loving for one reason or another.

For a woman, I have quite large feet at a UK size nine or ten, so that means I only have a selected range of around three pairs of shoes, one being a pair of heels and the other being my white Converse. Finding nice shoes that are comfortable and in my size is a struggle to say the least, but my Superstars have become my lifesaver since I got them at the end of April. Although they are obviously mens shoes, they are one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I have ever owned. The only trouble with them is that because they are white, they get dirty quite easily, but a quick clean every now and then only takes five minutes.

I have two rings which I have been wearing every day since I got them, and I absolutely love how they look together. I have the White Enamel Twist Ring and also the Luminous Leaves ring, and together they look beautiful. I've had rings before from places like Topshop and River Island but I find that they turn my fingers green underneath, so having rings which don't do that is great. The Luminous Leaves ring was my seventeeth birthday present, and is made with my birthstone gem Cubic Zirconia, making it much more personal.

It's one of my guilty pleasures. I know that the whole Kardashian family are such a love/hate topic, but I find myself compelled to watch and dream about having the amount of money that they do. I have watching the show for the last four or so years and have been loving the new series since it started.

Peaky Blinders is a crime drama set in Birmingham during the aftermath of World War One. Since finishing my exams I have been trying to get through the first two series so that I can can be all caught up and watch the third series in real time. I'm such a sucker for crime dramas and love all programmes like Silent Witness and Line Of Duty, so Peaky Blinders was next on my list. It's not your typical crime drama, where the audience are left in suspense about who's done it, but instead you follow the Shelby family as they expand their business empire. I've only recently heard the news that the BBC have renewed the show for another two series and that makes me one very happy lady!

I've decided that I'm going to write a whole separate post about some of my favourite music, because there has been so much of it recently that I thought this post could become far too long if I included it too, so keep your eyes peeled for that. Was there anything you were particularly loving last month? Or is there anything that I mentioned in my list that you loved too?

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  1. I absolutely love the miracle complexion sponge... In my opinion it's better than the original beauty blender and it's so much cheaper too :) great post x

  2. I've been loving Gilmore Girls on Netflix last month (and still this month!) I'm not really into KUWTK, but my guilty pleasure is the Bachelor/Bachelorette. :)

  3. I have the same MAC lipstick, it's lovely! Great roundup. :)

  4. I have the same lipstick! I adore it so much! It is my every day one :) Love it how it can really complement my skin. My guilty pleasures last month where Gossip girl.. since I just started watching it and Say yes to the dress.

  5. Have to try that lip colour from MAC! Love the colour.

  6. I desperately want some Adidas Superstars. Well Done! And Velvet Teddy is the perfect shade...

  7. MAC Velvet Teddy is one of my absolute favourites. It's such a gorgeous colour, though sometimes I find MAC matte formula's a tad drying.

  8. One of my favorites are Pandora rings too!

  9. I see a few of my favorites that I like to have in this post.

  10. I am SUCKER for MAC lipsticks! It's sickening. I shouldn't go through their recycling programs as often in 1 year as I do. I don't really fancy their eyeshadows too much, but between the lipstick and mascara, I've found a gold mine!

    Courtney | thirty30courtney.com

  11. Using a sponge to apply foundation is my absolute favourite way now. I barely use brushes anymore. The Barely cosmetics sponges are the best (in my opinion) because they wash so well and don't absorb product. x

  12. I love Peaky Blinders. Can re-watch it million times. the fashion there is just so amazing. Love it!
    Love all your favourites too, especially beauty ones are something i would like to use too.

  13. The Kardashians are totally my guilty pleasure too. It's so hard to stop watching!

  14. I wish we could get more Soap and Glory products here in Canada. The selection at my local shop is super small!

    Nellwyn | www.thecardinalpress.com

  15. I've been loving Peaky Blinders too! Now that it's finished I don't know what I'm going to do!