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My playlists this month have been inundated with new music, so it made perfect sense for my first proper post of daily blogging to be a roundup of some of last month's favourites.  As usual, you can follow June's full playlist here if you're interested in listening to some new music. I've picked out only a few tracks from this playlist because otherwise, we'd be here all day, but all of them are worth a listen if you get the chance.

L Å P S L E Y :  L O V E  I S  B L I N D
After having a fairly stressful month in May because of exams, a lot of my songs have been much more chilled in an attempt to calm myself down and de-stress. I think this was one of the songs that came up in my 'Discover' tab, and I absolutely love it. It's a song that you can have playing quietly in the background whilst you read a book, and it won't distract you from what you're trying to read. It's a great song to listen to when you're trying to wind down from a long day and has been sat in my 'Chill' playlist for a few months now.

J O S É  G O N Z Á L E Z  :  H E A R T B E A T S
This is another song which is really great to just relax and chill out listening to. It's a simple guitar and vocal track which is nice to just close your eyes and listen to before bed. This version of Heartbeats is a cover of the 2002 track by Swedish band, The Knife. Even though I think I may have heard this when I was younger, this cover is completely unrecognisable from the original track, and I prefer the Jose Gonzales version by far!

T H E  V A C C I N E S :  I F   Y O U  W A N N A 
The Vaccines have been one of those bands which I have listened to on and off for quite a while. I've enjoyed their music but haven't found myself compelled to add them to my Spotify playlists like I have done with other artists. If You Wanna is completely different to Heartbeats and Love Is Blind, but that's the beauty of having a diverse playlist like I do. Since first hearing this song a few months ago, more and more of The Vaccines' music has been finding it's way onto my playlists, some of my favourites including 20/20 and Dream Lover.

A D E L E : W A T E R  U N D E R  T H E  B R I D G E
I was watching Glastonbury performances last weekend and out of everyone I wanted to watch, Adele was top of my list. As usual, you could not flaw her performance, even with the medical emergency evacuation that happened midway through her set. Her performance of Water Under The Bridge was possibly my favourite from the whole set, despite having never heard the track before. I'm not going to lie here, I think in the last week I have probably listened to that song at least twenty times, maybe even more than that. Until this week, I had barely even listened to her most recent album, 25, but since her Glastonbury set I've been listening to it non-stop! I really wish I'd managed to get tickets to her tour, or even to Glastonbury - that would have been amazing, but hopefully, in the future, I'll get the chance to see her live.

C A T F I S H  A N D  T H E  B O T T L E M E N : S O U N D C H E C K
My Dad and I have had our eyes on Catfish and The Bottlemen for quite a while, and now that they've become pretty big, I think my Dad thinks he's now an A&R agent, which he isn't. Since their latest album, The Ride was released in May, I've been listening to it in preparation for their gig I'm going to later in the year. In a way, The Vaccines and Catfish and The Bottlemen are quite similar, so if you like one, you'll probably like the other.

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