Summer Wardrobe Essentials

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The aim of your clothes during summer is to keep you cool. There's nothing worse than being on holiday, walking around the place you're visiting in black skinny jeans which are not only constricting the blood to your legs, but also baking your legs inside the jeans.There's no doubt that when summer comes around, you have to fight the urge to go out and buy a whole new set of outfits. There are however some essential pieces which can be paired with something as simple as jeans and give an outfit a completely different look. Some pieces can even be interchangeable throughout the seasons.

Although styles will come and go season by season, year by year, some pieces will just last and never fall out of fashion. Simple dresses and shirts can be worn year on year, and should be staples in peoples' wardrobes.
Any dress is an essential in the summer, however, swing dresses like the one in the bottom left tend to flatter almost every body shape. If you're going abroad to a warmer country or are simply blessed with hot weather at home, then swing dresses are the best dress for you. Because they're not particularly form fitting, it means that they're comfortable to wear in extreme heat, whilst making you look like you spent a while putting your outfit together. Who doesn't want that? All of these photos were taken from the ASOS website earlier last week, so should still be available now.

Kimonos started to make their appearance last summer and this summer is appearing to be no different. The amount of people I've seen out and about wearing them over the last few weeks is a statement of their popularity. They're great to wear if you're heading out for the afternoon and know that you'll be coming back later in the evening, as it gives you a little bit of layering to keep you warm if the temperature drops. They're also great if you don't particularly like how your arms look. If you want to hide your arms, the answer is to throw a kimono on on top. Simple!

Playsuits and jumpsuits are pieces which are timeless in my eyes. They seem to make a reappearance every year, whether that be for day or evening wear. They can either look casual paired with a pair of sandals, or dressed up with heels. They're one of the most versatile pieces you can have in your wardrobe, perfect for whatever occasion. Playsuits are amazing for hot summer days, although can be tricky if you need the loo- but don't even get me started on the troubles with jumpsuits. They're even worse. Regardless of their practical issues, they're a piece which is so simple, but can look so incredibly elegant if done well, and paired with a good choice of shoes and accessories.

If you aren't comfortable with wearing dresses then skirts are one of the best alternatives. Whatever length you like, they're a great way of keeping you cool during hot days, whilst looking elegant and feminine if you opt for a midi or pencil skirt. Whatever style of skirt you prefer, they can be paired with almost anything, from a tucked in vest, right up to a blouse for a sophisticated look. 

Basic T-Shirts like the ones above are great for days when you may be travelling to and from your holiday, or just on a long journey when your number one priority is comfort. T-Shirts are definitely going to be one of the most casual things in your wardrobe other than maybe yoga pants which you wear lazing about the house when you know you don't have to leave home all day. They are ideal to be worn with jeans or denim shorts, either tucked in or hanging loosely over the top. Whether you prefer to have a simple t-shirt with no logo or whether you want a phrase printed, they are a great staple which can be transferred and re-worn season to season. 

I know that shorts aren't for everyone, as I fall into this category. If you dislike your legs, the thought of having your legs out in the open for everyone to see will remain just a thought. But shorts are something that I wish I had the confidence to wear. The recent emergence of the skort just makes me wish that I had the confidence to wear shorts even more. One day I will find the confidence to wear them out in public, but until that day comes, I will just look at them online and imagine how nice they would look on someone with great legs.

What essential summer piece would you add to this list?
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  1. I'm not ready for summer to be over!! Maybe I can catch some end of summer sales 😜

  2. I can't wait for summer to be over - haha. I will take everything on this list. xx

  3. These are such cute pieces! I'm definitely in need of a summer wardrobe refresh.