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Hold Onto Summer with These 4 Songs

It's August, and sadly that means one thing. The summer is beginning to come to an end and the nights are starting to draw in. The festivals are passing by with only a couple left before the festival season comes to an end and in my mind, summer goes with that. As soon as the festivals finish up, everyone has to start going back to work and get on with the mundane aspects of life again. But how can you hold onto that summer feeling as you adjust back into your nine to five day at the office? By listening to some of the songs that featured on your summer playlist.

H Y M N   F O R   T H E   W E E K E N D  B Y   C O L D P L A Y  +  S E E B  
This isn't the original version of Hymn For The Weekend, but instead a remix created by Norwegian duo, Seeb. As much as I love the original Coldplay version, Seeb's remix is by far one of my favourite tracks from this summer playlist. I can't put my finger on it as to why I love it so much - I just do.

F A L S E   A L A R M   B Y   M A T O M A  +  B E C K Y  H I L L
Matoma is someone who I've heard about here and there since the start of the year, but never quite delved into until the other day. Spotify has pulled it out of the bag, proving to me that the annoying ads are actually worth sitting through, just for that one song. There aren't many songs that I listen to and immediately think, 'That was amazing. I'm downloading that', but False Alarm has made it into the select few that do provoke that response. Since discovering it a week or so ago, I have probably listened to it at least ten times... I still have no regrets though.

D O N E   W I T H   I T   B Y   K E N S I N G T O N
This song has managed to feature in a couple of my monthly playlists purely because I love it so much. I don't know about you but for me, some songs just have certain memories attached to them. Like some people have a holiday scent that reminds them of a memory, I have a holiday song. I have many happy memories attached to this song and it allows me to reminisce over many great experiences I've had this summer.

F L U O R E S C E N T   A D O L E S C E N T  B Y   A R C T I C   M O N K I E S 
An old classic which quite frankly, I'd forgotten even existed until a few weeks ago. I used to love this song so I'm not sure how 'd managed to forget about it. It's not a song which reminds me of summer in the slightest, but it has featured over on my summer playlist. Obviously, I couldn't leave it out of this post. Arctic Monkeys are a band whose sound I really like. Their music is nothing like what people assume my music taste to be, so I always like to drop their name in when people ask what artists I listen to.

Want to find out what other songs have featured on my soundtrack of the summer? You can listen to the full Spotify playlist, below.


  1. Arctic Monkeys is a particular favorite of mine. Love your vibe.

  2. I don't think I've heard any of these! Time to start streaming the playlist :)

  3. Im with Rachel will need to read some of these.

  4. I need to listen to these songs. i don't know any of them. Sad that summer is coming to an end, but with a bang since Made in America is this weekend!!!

  5. A fantastic playlist! Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. I like this list. I have not heard a new song for a long time. I would definitely love to check this out.