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Was High Beam Really Worth The Hype?

Benefit's High Beam has certainly done its rounds in the online beauty community, being a cult product for many since it's release. With products like these where every man and their dog is seemingly singing its praises, I often find myself succumbing to temptation in Debenham's Blue Cross sale - Curse you, Debenhams! I've been putting it through its paces over the last couple of months, but did I think that this little bottle of radiance was really worth the £19.50 price tag?

"Supermodel in a bottle!" is how High Beam is described on Benefit's website, but sadly I cannot agree with this statement. Upon application, I was expecting to transform into Kendall Jenner's long lost sister, with cheeks highlighted to within an inch of perfection, and emails from Versace and Balmain dropping into my inbox asking me to walk in their next show. Much to my disappointment, I was no closer to looking like Kendall, and the only emails in my inbox were from my college... So I feel as if the whole 'Supermodel in a bottle!' claim needs to be dropped.

All jokes aside, I must admit that despite the hype that surrounds this product, I've really struggled to get it to work for me. With my dry skin, I'm always up for trialling a product which is going to give me some sort of glow. I tried every possible method of application: strobing with it beneath foundation, adding it after foundation, using a sponge with it, using a brush, priming my skin, not priming my skin - the list goes on. Despite all of these various attempts, I still found that it just wouldn't blend out the way I was hoping it would. It just looked a little like somebody had swiped the product across my cheek and left it at that, no matter how hard I tried to blend it out. Yes, it gave a nice initial glow, but when adding foundation over the top, I found that the glow just sort of disappeared. It is described as being subtly luminous, but I do want to actually have some glow left after applying additional products. I obviously don't want to look like I've taken part in the Full Face of Highlighters Challenge, but I want to glow enough so that people will stop and ask me what's making my skin so luminous, and so that I can gush over this amazing product that's totally worth the large dent in your savings. If it's the subtle look that you're after then this may well be a hit with you, but if you want something more, prepare to be a little disappointed.

I know that Benefit are a high-end beauty brand, but High Beam just seems so overpriced for what it actually is. Even if you are looking for that subtle glow, I strongly believe you could find a far cheaper alternative from the likes of Makeup Revolution, or Barry M, both who have some great dupes for this type of product. Maybe it's the frugal student in me, but I can't quite see where the £19.50 is in High Beam. For the small fortune this costs, I can't find anything particularly revolutionary or unique that tempts me to say, 'Ok. Yeah, I can justify spending £19,50 on that!', and that's just my honest opinion. So was High Beam worth the hype? To put it simply - No. Not really.

If you've tried out High Beam. is it a product you swear by, or can you understand where I'm coming from? I'd love to know.


  1. I have this product and I do like it but I prefer powder highlighters. I agree, it's nice but not worth soooooo much hype!! :)


  2. Oh golly, this came out so many years ago I'm surprised it still gets any hype.
    The only way I found I could use this was to mix a tiny bit into my liquid foundation for an overall glow- for spot highlighting it was just too hard to control.
    I do like Benefit's High Brow pencil for my brow bones though, it is subtle enough to look glowing rather than shimmery.
    I prefer powder highlighters though since it's easier to control where you put them. I like IT Cosmetic's Hello Light Powder Illuminizer - it definitely gives skin an attractive glow without being overly glittery or emphasizing pores or fine lines.

  3. Have you tried mixing this in your foundation that's how I find myself using mine xx


    1. I have done but I still find that it just doesn't really do anything for me :/ xx

  4. Thanks for this honest opinion. I might not be buying this in the future.

  5. I haven't tried this beam. But I must admit that I'm not find of Benefit. I've tried several products, but it doesn't really work for me. I prefer Urban Decay or MAC.

  6. I have super oily skin, so this never worked for me.


  7. I am a fan of high beam.. but i agree.. there are lower priced products that would do the same thing.. http://www.amyshellman.com/2016/09/back-at-it-and-few-good-tips-today.html

  8. Oh that's too bad it doesn't work that well. Thanks for the review!

  9. I haven't tried it out, mostly because that's way more than I'm willing to spend on something that I havent sampled first. But I tend to stray away from anything that isn't foundation and isn't a powder. I'm sorry it didn't work for you. Thanks for the candid review, at least.


  10. Thanks for the great review babe! I've always wanted to try it but now nahhh haha

    Boyu xx

  11. I found it work best for me with my foundation and I do like the pink colours. Nice review - shame you didn't like it. xx


  12. I'm glad to hear that this wasn't really worth the price tag. I love Benefit, but was having a hard time justifying spending that much money on a highlight.

  13. Ive never really thought about buying this highlighter. Im kinda scared of using a liquid highlighter, I much prefer a powder one.


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