The Best Things I Learnt From Beauty Bloggers

Of all of the blogging niches, I'd go as far as to say that beauty bloggers take the most flack from pretty much everyone. There's a load of misconceptions about us which I'm thinking about writing a whole other post about, but the reality is that these preconceived ideas couldn't be any further from the truth. Before I even began writing I read plenty of blogs, and many of the tips and tricks I use and share today are from the women that take the flack just because they write about makeup. Anyway, today I'm going to share some of the best things that I've learnt from beauty bloggers, new and old.

L E S S   I S   M O R E
Something I am so thankful to have been taught is that less is more when working with foundations, concealers and eyeshadows. You can always add more if you haven't got enough, but it's harder to blend away if you've applied too much. When I'm having a bad skin day, I'm often tempted to wear more foundation than normal to try and cover the redness of my cheeks, but that is not the way to go, especially if you're using a full coverage product like MAC Studio Fix. It makes the texture of your skin look dreadful and attracts attention to the parts of your face that you don't want it to - Less is more.

H E A T   U P   E Y E L A S H   C U R L E R S
An odd tip but if you curl your lashes, you may find that your curlers work best when warmed. I heat mine with a hairdryer for a few seconds and find that my lashes stay curled for much longer than they do when I don't warm them. Obviously, you need to make sure they're not too hot when you actually curl your lashes because I can tell you now, I have made this mistake and it hurt like hell. As long as you're careful, this tip is one of the best that I know and proves to be the most effective. 

I N C R E A S E   P E R F U M E   L O N G E V I T Y
Once you've applied your perfume to the backs of your wrists, instead of rubbing, dab your wrists against one another. Rubbing your wrists together like many people do, apparently according to physicists, breaks down the molecules of the perfume. Dabbing prevents this breakdown of molecules and evenly disperses the perfume across both wrists. Another tip is to apply something like Vaseline to the area you're going to spray. Somehow, this makes the scent last much longer than it does when you apply straight onto the skin.

H I G H   E N D   I S N'T   A L W A Y S   B E S T
Before I really got into makeup, I'd always believed that you got what you paid for. The more expensive something is, the better quality it is. Having got older and tested the water on both sides, I now know that this isn't necessarily the case. There are some great products in Boots and Superdrug that in my opinion, are much better than some of the high-end equivalents. 

Y O U   D O N T   N E E D   T O   W E A R   M A K E U P
This is by far the most important thing I've learnt. I started wearing makeup from a young age, and  I don't just mean a little bit of mascara every now and then. Possibly from as young as twelve, but definitely thirteen, there wouldn't be a day that I would be seen outside the house without foundation on. I just didn't feel comfortable enough to go out without anything on my face.

Wearing makeup isn't compulsory and sometimes your skin looks fine without any; that's something I've only come to accept over the last couple of months. Makeup is fun and yes, does sometimes make you feel better about yourself, but you don't have to wear it every single day. 

What are some of the pieces of advice that you learnt from beauty bloggers?



  1. Great post!

    Allyssa /

  2. The best thing I learned from a fashion/beauty blogger was to take all the clothes/make-up you DON'T use/wear and get rid of them. Then you'll realize that you probably buy too much that just kind of sits there.

    The advice sounded way more intelligent than that. >>

  3. I love this post!! I never knew about the heating the eyelash curler! thats a neat trick

  4. We have never heard the vaseline/perfume tip. Thanks for sharing!

  5. That is all so true! I try to be very creative with all my eyeshadow just to realize that it looked better with less of it :)

  6. awesome tips! Ive heard of the vaseline tip but havent tried it yet!

  7. I was surprised about the high-end products not always being as good too!

  8. Thanks for the great tips.

  9. I love the honesty of it being OK to go out without makeup - some days, it's OK!

  10. HIgh end is truly not always the best as there are some drug store products that are incredible. I like to mix it up.

  11. I never knew about the perfume tip! Thats great cause I always rub haha! What I have learnt is always invest in your skin!! Good base = good makeup!

  12. I always rubbed my wrists together when applying perfume. I mean, I thought everyone did and it's what you were supposed to do. Thanks so much for putting me on the right track with that one! Oh and heating up your eyelash curlers? I'm learning a ton!!!!

  13. Great article! And I LOVE your blog name!!

  14. It's funny, when I watch beauty videos on YouTube, I can't believe how much concealer and foundation these ladies are packing on! It makes me wonder if I'm doing it wrong. I had never heard the tip about heating an eyelash curler! It makes complete sense...I'll have to give it a try tomorrow. :)