So Here's The 4-1-1

So I'm back. I abandoned Five Foot Seven (again) am now returning with my tail between my legs, unsure if there's even anyone still milling around here. The last post on Five Foot Seven was on the 6th of January this year. Ten months is a long time to not do something, and if there's something I've learnt in that time it's that I really love blogging. I've missed the whole process of running a blog - from taking the photos, through to interacting and reading the comments. Sadly, the short break I had intended to have, actually turned into a mini hiatus. I'm not usually one to try and make excuses but on this one occasion, I'm going to, and my excuse is this. It's been a hectic few months. I know, I know, you're thinking that it's a stupid excuse, and it is. I'll be the first to admit it. People run successful blogs and work full-time jobs without having any trouble, so what gives an eighteen-year-old student a right to complain? It doesn't. But it's the excuse I'm using to try and fool my guilt-stricken conscience into thinking that it's been ok to take time out.

My final post of twenty-sixteen was one where I set myself some goals for the year ahead; one of those being to complete my A-Levels. I won't lie and say that my A-level journey was a smooth one, but I can now say that nine months later, I've come out on the other side with three A-Levels and an AS qualification to my name, all of which have helped me gain a place at university. Yes, the girl who said she didn't want to go to university has now ended up at university. I've left the family home, left my friends, boyfriend, and work colleagues, all to move to Brighton and study for a Music Journalism degree. Living alone isn't too different from what I expected it to be but it's definitely a change that's taking some getting used to. As every student does, I've quickly learnt just how expensive food is, and that a pint at the pub is not worth the four-pound price tag. Freshers week was surprisingly chilled and laid back, unlike how many describe it to be. But I've just wanted to settle in and find my feet in this completely new environment.

Aside from all of the academic achievements I've had this year, another life thing which consumed a load of my time was learning to drive. Driving was something I was scared to do, and whilst all of my friends were able to drive and be independent, I still found the whole prospect daunting. But in February, I finally gave myself a kick up the arse and started to learn to drive. By mid-May, with only twelve hours of driving lessons under my belt, I passed my driving test. Since then, I've bought my first car - a Ford KA which has a special place in my heart and is referred to as my little 'shit tin'. The boot leaks if it's raining, the engine overheats pretty much every week, and sometimes the interior mirror falls down, but there's something special about getting your first car, even if it is a little bit shit. 

But the main reason for there being no updates on Five Foot Seven is that I got myself a new job, working at a local holiday park back home. Whilst I was still at college, I was only working two nights a week, but as soon as I left, I was working five days of the seven, consistently pushing fifty hour-weeks. It seemed that when I wasn't working, I was doing one of two things. Either trying to restore my sleeping pattern or driving to McDonalds at three in the morning to treat myself to a Chicken Legend and a social life. This left practically no time to sit down and write over summer, and even now, a month after I left work, this is the first chance I've had. It feels good to be able to get back to blogging, as I've said time and time again, and I hope that now I'm finally settling in at university, I can do more of it.

With moving to university, of course, meant moving to a completely new area of the country. I'm now living and studying in Brighton, which is only about three hours drive from home, but I've always lived in the same small town, so moving to a city in a different part of the country is quite a big change. After a month of living here, however, I can happily say that I've settled into my new home and in a way, my new life. It's strange to think that I'm technically leading some Bond-esque double life... with one established life back home, and a brand new and exciting one here. But Brighton is quickly forging a deep relationship with my heart, and I hope that I'm going to spend many happy years here in this city, with all the new people I've already met.

So that's a basic rundown of where I've been, whilst Five Foot Seven has gathered dust for the majority of the year. But looking forward, I have plenty of ideas as for what this blog will become over time. I feel like I say it at least twice a year, but things around here are going to change. My content is going to change. My schedule is going to change. The design is going to change. And I hope that my writing is going to change for the better. I want Five Foot Seven to become something far more than just another beauty and lifestyle blog. Studying for my degree is likely to fuel my passion for writing more of my own music journalism, and I'm sure it will become more of an integral part in Five Foot Seven. Beauty and Lifestyle posts won't change; they'll still be frequent features, but I want to showcase my work as I learn throughout my degree. Everything I write will be based on something that I'm passionate about, whether that's music, beauty, or anything else for that matter. But I want the content on this blog to be of a higher standard and of better quality than it was previously. 

So we're back in business, let's make the rest of twenty-seventeen fabulous!



  1. I am guilty of this myself. I get overwhelmed in my every day life, and my blog always seemed to go on a back burner. After I took a much needed break, I came back and have been getting such joy out of writing on an insanely frequent basis. They say distance makes the heart grow fonder, and I guess that is true with blogs too!

    Ashlee |

  2. Congratulations on the A-Levels and getting into uni! That's awesome, hope you're loving it. Glad to see you back on the old blog, and can't wait to see new posts from you appearing soon :) x x